Putting A Face
To The Booth

Hey gang, I'm Rhonda! Although this isn't a hugely personal brand i think we can all appreciate some insight into who we're hiring and what kind of person we're working with. So- to put a face to the booth, and reassure you i'm not just some ranom business on the internet, here's a little peek into who i am. 

 I grew up in a small town (Cotopaxi, co) where I graduated with only 5 other kids in my class. You know, the cliche "blink and you might miss it" kind of place you've likely never heard of. I currently live in Florence,  but you can find me... all over. I spend most of my time behind the wheel of my Jeep chasing white lines across the state shooting weddings and exploring new places. I'm a full time wedding photographer and rad booth co is my second biz and side hustle. 

 On the days I'm not working weddings and photographing, I'm in the mountains with my boyfriend- camping and tearing it up in the RZR, hitting the gym or cuddled up at home with our two cats (Brap and Grover.) I'm known for being the girl with long lashes and all of the tattoos. I have a deep love for turquoise, red dirt country music, floral print anything and jimmy john's. 

Rhonda Batchelor
Rad Booth Co. Owner & Wedding Photographer 

Putting a face
to the booth

A Few Of My Favorite Things