Putting A Face
To The Booth

I'M RHONDA! AND I THINK IT'S IMPORTANT TO GIVE YOU SOME INSIGHT INTO WHO YOU'RE HIRING. SO, ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF... I come from a small town. You know, the cliche "blink and you might miss it" kind of place you've likely never heard of. I graduated with 6 kids in my class, Yes, 6! And not to brag, but I was top 5 of my class.😉 We all drove pickups and our weekends were spent around a fire in the woods. And although life looks a little different these days, I'm still a small town girl through and through. 

I've bounced around a bit since high school. From the West Slope, to Denver, to Salida, I now call Florence, CO home. But I'm always on the go. You can find me... all over. I spend most of my time behind the wheel of my Jeep chasing white lines across the state (approximately 40k miles a year to give ya an idea) and catchin' flights to new places. I love to travel. And I'll love you if you bring me somewhere I haven't been before!

In my free time outside of weddings and sessions, I'm usually in the mountains camping, drinkin' Bud Light Cheladas and tearing it up in the RZR, golfing, hitting the gym or scouring Pinterest for our next home-remodeling project. And if you enjoy any of these things too, I bet we can be friends! 

Rad Booth Co. Owner & Wedding Photographer 

Putting a face
to the booth

Hey Gang,
I'm Rhonda

A Few Of My Favorite Things